Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Correcting Cannold data in Ancestry

One tip I picked up last night at the Ancestry session was about making corrections in their census index records. Having struggled twice in the past to find and then find again some months later the 1930 census record for our great aunt Meta Cannold, this feature gives me the ability to submit a correction so that future researchers (including myself) are not misled.

Because of an apparent indexing transcription error, they had Meta and her sons listed at Connold instead of Cannold. Here is what I submitted: "Meta and her sons Harrison and Thaddeus are named Cannold. Meta (nee Rabinowitz) was married and divorced from Lester Cannold. For more information, contact Dan Ruby at ."

According to the site response form, my information will be reflected in the index view of the record in a short time and in search results after several weeks.

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  1. I'm surprised to see that my comments are not showing up. I will have to look into that or perhaps resubmit the information.


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